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  • 14 Gallon Tank + Hose Hookup
  • Triple Sided Cooling Vents
  • Rugged + Weather Resistant
  • Powerful 2100 CFM



  • 19 Gallon Tank + Hose Hookup
  • Triple Sided Cooling Vents
  • Rugged + Weather Resistant
  • Powerful 2800 CFM


A Workhorse of a Cooler

This powerful, weather-resistant model is built to cool large indoor and outdoor spaces. Garages, workshops, warehouses, backyard decks, outdoor patios—the unit’s triple-sided vents and extra wide fan blades deliver robust cooling. Handy features, like the hose-hookup and remote control, keep the coolness pumping while you’re at work or play.

Play hard. Work hard. Keep Cool.

Super Thick Honeycomb Pads & Triple-Sided Vents Quickly Pull In Warm Air

Durable, Weather-Resistant Construction Withstands Hot, Rugged Environments

The Hose Hookup Option Blasts A Continuous Cold Airflow with Zero Maintenance


Jumbo Water Tank

Continuous Water Supply

Super Thick Honeycomb Pads

Triple-Sided Airflow

Extra Wide 16" Fan Blades

Smooth Gliding Casters

Power 220 W

Swinging Louvers

Low Water Pump Cut-Off

3 Fan Speeds




Outdoor Patios

What is an Evaporative Air Cooler?

An evaporative air cooler includes two motorized components: a pump and a fan. The pump circulates water around the unit while the fan blows air through a wet irrigation pad, causing the moisture to evaporate into vapor. The conversion of heat energy into evaporative energy results in a coolness in the outgoing air. Evaporative air coolers are one of the only cooling options for large outdoor or tough-to-cool indoor spaces.

A Mason & Deck cooler is built for rugged conditions. It can withstand sun, rain, UV rays and a great deal of tough work! Plus, it’s highly energy-efficient so you can keep it running all day, guilt-free.

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